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Activity Ideas

The activities volunteer CASAs explore with their advocate children aren't just a fun way to get to know each other -- they can help the child or youth develop in 8 Key Areas of Support.

Stock image of a childLocal Calendar/Activities

Child Advocates of Silicon Valley maintains a wonderful Google Doc Calendar of events throughout our county.

Fun Activities to Do With CASA Youth (a shared document created by CASAs to share community events)

Printable Activity Ideas

Find 100+ ideas for every age and every type of weather in the downloads below.

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30 Indoor Activities

When it's wet out or too hot or you want to try something new -- we've got you covered. ($) = <$20 and ($$) = >$20, but your mileage may vary.

  1. Arts-n-Crafts
  2. Board games
  3. Bookstores
  4. Build-A-Bear ($$)
  5. Cafés  ($)
  6. Chuck E. Cheese’s  ($)
  7. Community theater  ($$)
  8. Dave & Busters  ($$)
  9. Eat at a restaurant – try something new!  ($)
  10. Exercise at your gym
  11. Ice skating – Sharks Ice San Jose and Downtown Ice  ($$)
  12. Job hunting with your teen
  13. Library
  14. Mall
  15. Manicure  ($)
  16. Monterey Bay Aquarium ($$)
  17. Movies ($$)
  18. Museums/Aquariums (the South Bay has dozens of small museums covering the history of everything from the Japanese-American community to computers to Big Foot) (Some free, some $)
  19. Pedicure ($)
  20. Stock image of a childPetroglyph ($)
  21. Planet Granite ($$)
  22. Pump It Up ($)
  23. Puzzles 
  24. Read
  25. Roller skating
  26. Sky High Sports ($)
  27. The TechMuseum ($)
  28. Volunteer
  29. Winchester Mystery House ($$)
  30. YMCA ($)

South County Activities

We have a strong group of South County CASAs who know all the fun things to do in their neighborhoods, but not everyone in Silicon Valley knows where to start. Here are fun activities -- mostly free -- that you might enjoy doing with your advocate child. Note: Some may require a guardian or social worker's consent.

Stock image of a childGilroy

  1. Historic Downtown Gilroy
  2. Local music, craft, outdoors events
  3. Lions Creek Trail
  4. Farmers' Market
  5. Demonstration Garden
  6. Parks and Recreation
  7. Library
  8. Indoor rock climbing ($)
  9. Gilroy Gardens ($$ except for the annual residents-ride-free day in the Spring)
  10. Water park ($)
  11. Paintball ($$)
  12. Archery ($$)

Morgan Hill

  1. A mentor and his childMorgan Hill Historical Museum
  2. Morgan Hill Community Center
  3. Santa Clara County Model Aircraft Sky Park
  4. Centennial Recreation Center
  5. Farmers' Market
  6. Parks and Recreation
  7. Library
  8. Bowling ($)
  9. Little Gym of Morgan Hill (0-10) ($)
  10. Pump It Up ($)
  11. Laser Tag ($$)

San Martin

  1. Baseball batting cages ($)
  2. Wings of History Aircraft Museum
  3. Uesugi Farms ($)
  4. Horseback riding ($$)
  5. Golf ($$)

South County, Outside of the Cities

Explore the Bay Area

Thanks to a standing-order of the Santa Clara County Juvenile Dependency Court, CASAs may provide transportation for their advocate children or youths to the 9 Bay Area counties plus some of the adjacent counties (read the Standing Order - pdf). Below is a full list of the counties with links to museums in each county -- search in the top bar with terms like "sports" or "bookstores" or "grocery stores."

  1. Santa Clara
  2. A young boy smiling and listening to musicSan Mateo
  3. San Francisco
  4. Marin
  5. Sonoma
  6. Napa
  7. Solano
  8. Alameda
  9. Contra Costa
  10. Santa Cruz
  11. Monterey
  12. San Benito
  13. Merced
  14. Stanislaus
  15. San Joaquin 

Stock image of a childTop Healthy Activity Ideas

  • Teach about nutrition and give a cooking lesson, sharing cultural cooking traditions
  • Host a picnic with healthy food and physical activities
  • Play sports: we sometimes have clinics with the San Jose Earthquakes, but playing basketball at a local park can be a great way to connect
  • Run/Walk in the annual 5K Walk/Run and 10K Theta Breakers Run through Stanford University campus, including free registration for Child Advocates’ children

Other places to brainstorm for activity ideas that support the 8 Key Areas of Support: